How can I keep from looking like a big dummy at the blackjack table? (Blackjack tournaments)

How can I keep from looking like a big dummy at the blackjack table?

In a few months
I’m heading to Las Vegas for a conference. I am absolutely not a gambler
but figure I’ll spend an hour or two checking out some of the gaudiest casinos and maybe playing some slots But
for some reason
I also have an urge to try playing blackjack. My question is twofold: 1. What can I expect from the blackjack-playing experience? I’ve only played slots before and have never interacted with anyone at a casino. How can I keep from looking like an idiot? 2. Any recommended resources for basic blackjack strategy?

Can I get a swanky Vegas gambling experience – but with low limits?

I’m currently staying in Las Vegas and it seems silly not to have a go at playing some roulette and maybe some blackjack. The GF would like to try playing some slots. Where can we go on the mid-strip which is suitably classy but at the same time has low limits? We’re currently staying at the Mirage and whilst their casino looks nice
the limits seem to be $10+. Considering that I’m only budgeting $100
this isn’t going to get me very far. As such
I’d like any recommendations on places on the strip which: 1. Are swanky (so we at least have a decent Vegas experience) 2. Have low limit slots (to keep the GF happy) 3. Have low limit roulette and blackjack (say $2-$5) so that I can at least place more than 10 bets. 4. Are on the strip and ideally not too far away from the Mirage (as it’ll probably be the last thing we do before going back to the hotel). I don’t plan to make an evening of it as our itinerary is pretty booked up
so maybe only an hour. Many thanks!