banned at foxwoods; mohegan sun?


  1. Gitano says:

    I’m flat-bet at Mohegan, although I sneak a little play in every now and then. Not really worth it though with the poor pen and no comps (being I’m banned.)

    The casinos have nothing to do with one another, little if any communication. In fact I don’t think they like each other very much. Foxwoods’ highway signs take people to their casino the long way so they won’t drive past Mohegan.

    How the hell did you get in trouble at Foxwoods? I’ve been playing stakes just like yours for years now with no heat.

  2. Zephyra says:

    I’m also curious as to why you were banned at Foxwoods. I’ve been playing there with no cover and large bet spreads for quite awhile. ($15/$25 – 2x $350+) How much of your play was in the Newport room?

    Mohegan has about 30 6D tables with 1.5 – 2.5 cut off in the casino of the earth. Table min $10-$25. There is also a high limit section with about 12 6D tables with $50 min and NMSE.

    I’m not sure of the conditions in the casino of the sky. Mostly 8D with bad pen last time I checked.

  3. Miakoda says:

    Oh heck, don’t play in there! There’s no advantage to it. A 6D game NMS is crap compared to a 8D game with the same pen where you can come and go as you please.

    Mohegan has other 6D tables open on the weekend, in the Sky near the Sunburst buffet. Pen is also mediocre at best. With the weak pen at Mohegan and the fact that I can add over 20% to my EV with the comps at Foxwoods, I can’t justify very much play at Mohegan.

  4. Shoneah says:

    I haven’t played at all in the Newport room, nor do I plan to anytime soon. But I’ve heard that most Foxwoods backoffs have involved Newport play. I was curious if that might be a factor in the OP’s backoff.

  5. Sybil says:

    here’s the post i made:

    "I played at foxwoods 4 times in the past few months, for maybe 10 hours each time. I was counting, hi-lo, spreading 25 to 400 with my bets. When at 400 I was generally playing 2 hands of $200 to disguise it a bit. I didn’t put any emphasis on camoflauge, I simply wasn’t willing to sacrifice any of my edge for longevity. Anyway, after getting up one time, a supervisor came over and said he’d been informed by surveillance that i’m a skilled player and can only play table minimum from now on. Obviously, that’s as good as barring to a card counter. So yes, they will ban you for counting, albeit nicely. I’m not sure if this mean’s i’m also banned at mohegan sun. the ownership is different there but they may communicate. anyone know about this?"

    So my bet spreads were very wide. Something contributing to it might have been that one of the pit bosses was a proficient counter and he might have taken a closer look and noticed how i was playing. but no, I never played int he newport room. Maybe they are just getting a little bit tougher.

  6. Sabra says:

    The $25 games do allow mid-shoe, and those were the games i was playing.

  7. Nadie says:

    I want to take a shot at mohegan. AM, can you describe the comp situation there. What it takes for a room, do you get dollar for dollar for merchandise and food, etc.? It seemed from you post that foxwoods’ comps are much better. Please let me know why.

    i’m probably heading in there Sunday or Monday. Let me know if you’re in those parts as well.

  8. Joweese says:

    Comps are pretty much the same at Mohegan as Foxwoods, but being I’m banned at Mohegan I can’t give them a player’s card, so I don’t get the comps. Both stores do it on a dollar-for-dollar point system.

    The best dollar value for your comps is gas. Foxwoods gives you $100 gas cards for $175 in player’s points. Mohegan will let you fill up your tank at their grossly inflated gas station. So Foxwoods is a better deal in that respect. Mohegan has a shopping mall with high-end mall stores that you’d recognize, like Brookstone’s, Godiva, Swarovski at normal mall prices so if you buy a lot of that stuff, Mohegan comps increase in value. Foxwoods shopping offers phony Indian stuff and overpriced jewelry, and some outright horrific restaurants. (The only things you want to eat in Foxwoods are from Fuddrucker’s or the Hard Rock Cafe. Don’t even eat the olives in the free martinis- they’re the ones that rotted on the salad bar at the buffet.) I don’t buy cigarettes so i don’t know what kind of value you can get there, but Foxwoods will also give you a $100 CVS (or Lowe’s) card for $150 in points.

  9. Annissa says:

    My one and only visit to Foxwoods,I had the misfortune of eating at The Hard Rock.If that is the best they have to offer,I’m glad I don’t get up that way.