Congrats InterCasino, you got me again


  1. Nellis says:

    You’re absolutely right, it is rigged. I’m not going to try and say you had a bad run, because I had bad runs every single time I played there in the past year until I decided I was never playing there again. I suggest you do the same. Enough is enough with those guys. It is blatantly ridicolous.

    And at the same time, its gets tiresome on here when people come to their defense and yammer on and on about bonuses and how great they are there, etc. For crying out loud, put the bonuses aside, we’re talking about FAIR GAME. If the calculated HA is X, then it should be X. You shouldn’t have to sit there and watch Ace up after Ace up , time and time again, and lose to 20, 9/10 hands EVERY day. It doesn’t happen that way in land casinos, and it doesn’t happen at online casinos ON A CONSISTENT BASIS.

    Promise me you’ll NEVER play there again, and you’ll still be a good wiser kid.

  2. Nahuel says:

    I’ve also played at all the casinos you’ve mentioned and InterCasino is the only one I stopped playing out of suspicion. At one point, after a particularly bad run, I started keeping track. At that point I went on to lose 33 of the next 41 hands (it had been bad for quite a while up till then also). It was o.k. for me in the beginning (months ago) but I’m not putting up with that anymore.

  3. Tilly says:

    I made a profit of $98 during this month’s bonus, and a profit of $100+ last month, maybe they just hate you guys but love me 😛

  4. Kaelyn says:

    I have played 2 different 100 dollar bonuses at Intercasino and cashed out with more than 100 dollars profit both times. It is a pretty well known casino, I’m pretty sure it’s not rigged. Incredibly bad runs can and will happen, get over it.

  5. Osma says:

    I also cashed out bonuses from them in February and March.
    As far as you or I know, those actions may have flagged my account in some way. You are certainly in no position to prove otherwise.
    I have no intention of arguing this with you or anyone since you weren’t sitting in my seat witnessing what I witnessed. You can defend them on the basis that they "are pretty well known" and because you are "pretty sure it’s not rigged" all you wish and I won’t bother contradicting you.
    Bottom line is that there is nothing for me to "get over". I have expressed myself and anyone is free to do with what I wrote as they wish. Don’t like it? Ignore it and move on.

  6. Zeroun says:

    For what it is worth I played there last month and lost on an incredible run of bad luck and I am playing there right now and it looks like I will lose again.

  7. Xakery says:

    As I said, I’ve been playing there for months and until recently I’ve done as expected. I’m not claiming it’s rigged, but I no longer wish to play at a casino in which my results have been outside of 3 standard deviations two months in a row. I also have nothing to get over.

  8. Chloe says:

    By the by, I don’t know if it’s a recent thing, but intercasino are banning people for bonus abuse now. If they were going to flag an account, they would ban it.

    Although, that aside, I’ve had a lot of poor luck with them myself these past months, I can certainly understand where everyone’s coming from. I’ll take a proper log this month.

  9. Yasma says:

    Well I just did it, mostly flat betting $5. I had two wagers to get through (didn’t make a dent in last month’s), and occasionally raised my bet in the midst of winning streaks (balanced out in the end really). I actually started on $2 bets, went way down and decided I was wasting my time if I was just going to lose it all, so upped it, then made a fair bit back. For the majority of the time I was circling around $380, about $100 on the deposit and bonus (already had some in my account). Then 20 hands before the end things hit a massive slump and dropped back down to $300, cleared it with just the bonus.

    Anyhow,here are my stats:
    Hands: 871
    Wins: 299 single, 49 DD
    Losses: 327 single, 38 DD
    Pushes: 60 single, 9 DD
    Blackjacks: 38, Dealer 50, Push 1.

    It was a pretty even game this month.