Online Blackjack Newbie


  1. Osman says:

    The short answer is yes. Unless there is a bonus, a tournament, or some kind of promotion going on, normal online casino blackjack is a negative expectation game.

  2. Shonka says:

    Too late to collect the bonus by BJ.

    Most of the online casinos exclude balckjack when you meet the wagering requirement now.

    Neither "change cassinos" nor "cashout" can help you out the 0.5 edge.

  3. Gunda says:

    That’s not true. There are $1000’s in bonuses available right now by playing blackjack online. And the WR’s are extremely reasonable and very +EV. And if you are well bankrolled and know how to play sticky’s you can make anywhere from $2000 – $5000 per month. I’m not here to give you a lesson or tell you which casinos to play but I know of players making in excess of $50k pa from playing blackjack online.

  4. Lycoris says:

    Im starting out on online bjack. Can you recommend any non sticky bonuses (cause i do not have enough br to play the agressiveness required for those) cassinos??


  5. Haldis says:

    If you’re just starting out then the first thing needed to be known is are you from the US? Many casinos are starting to drop you guys like a bad smell. That said, there are plenty still out there. Good beginners bonuses are Intercasino 100/100/2500 (deposit 100/bonus 100/WR 2500). Casino on Net 200/200/4000 (but don’t use Neteller to deposit otherwise WR is 10000). Party Casino, Omni casino, Planetluck, Starluck, Golden Palace, Bet 365. And there are more if you are from the UK like William Hill, Coral, Ritz, Littlewoods.

    Please always read the terms before depositing in case rules have changed and/or your jurisdiction is no longer allowed. And do research, read posts in forums, spend time finding bonuses because that is the way you make more money. Waiting for others to post the good bonuses is a -EV play as many great bonuses only last a few days and all the good players have hit them by the time you get around to reading about them, by which time they are no longer available. Doing your own research is part of the job. But I hope the above is a good start for you, anyway.

  6. Cagney says:

    Just a heads up, William Hill is cancelling all US players accounts and will not take any US action in the forseeable future.

  7. Ethanael says:

    I’d like to know how I could play online and make even 500 a month. I guess I’m naive about bonuses and stuff. But truly, everytime I get up, making minimums I lose everything I was up.

  8. Jeneva says:

    Firstly, if you are from the US, it will be hard due to the current situation. But other than that, assuming previous conditions applied, you just have to stay disciplined. I know you said "But truly, everytime I get up, making minimums I lose everything I was up." But, truly, that is just very unlikely if you play sufficiently and properly. Eg, playing five Intercasino bonuses of 100/100/2500, flat betting $1, for you to not walk away with at least $1 in profit at the end of those five bonuses is a 0.012% chance (ie 1 in 8175). Of course, if there is more to the story and you played differently and/or lost discipline and chased losses or used a betting system then your results will fluctuate quite markedly. But the math still applies and the more you play the closer you will eventually arrive at ‘losing’ at the house edge.

    I don’t bet $1 or $2. I bet much higher. Yet I don’t lose everything every time I am up. Certainly, I do bust often, but I also double my money often, I make $1 profit often, and everything in between. If you play properly and play sufficient bonuses there is virtually no way you could not make money with bonuses except with very ill discipline. If that is your nature then you are better off not trying at all. If that isn’t you then you are capable and just need to play more bonuses. The profit margin on bonuses is in the order of 75% and higher (in the case of Intercasino, it is 87.5%). Even the worst bonus I play would have a profit margin of about 60%.

    Unfortunately, if you are from the US this is all an academic exercise at least for the time being. But if you are not from the US and have many casinos available to you (and money to play them) then post again. You should be quite capable of making $500 per month.

  9. Ling says:

    I use the strategy guide generated from this site, which was working. But yes, I am in the US.